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 Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to be certified in Illinois?

Illinois requires that 1 person be certified at all times that food is being handled. This applies to days, night and weekends, also.


How do I get my City of Chicago certification?


The instructor will give the information to get your Manager's certificate online. You will also receive an HOURS OF TRAINING form from your instructor. Both the Manager's certificate and the Hours of Training form should be taken to Malcolm X College. The address is 1900 W. Jackson, Chicago. Bring these to items and pay $52.00 for your City of Chicago certification.

How long are your classes?

The State minimum is an 8-hour class. The examination will be administered after the end of the class by the Illinois approved proctor. However, we also offer the national certification class for other states. Each States minimum hours requirement varies from state to state.

How much is the class?
The 8 hour Illinois class starts at 185.00 per person. Prometric and Servsafe examinations are now offered.

Servsafe only upon request. Please reach out to us. (630)240-1633


Do I need Servsafe in Illinois?

No. Servsafe is ONLY an option. Our National certification, Prometric and Always FoodSafe  are valid in all 50 States. The City of Chicago recognize ANSI courses, but still require their own City certificate be posted for the health inspectors.

Do you offer onsite classes?
Yes. Please contact our office for more information. We can bring the certification classes to you. Minimum 10 students in Chicago region. We cover all 50 states, as well as Latin American countries and beyond. Please contact us for more information.

What other type of training do you offer?
We offer Alcohol (BASSET) training, safefood workshops for employees, (Non-certification). All of these classes can be taught in English and Spanish.

How do I register?
Just follow this link to our registration form.

Do you accept major credit cards?
Yes. Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express are always welcome.

How can I get a duplicate certificate?
Contact Prometric to access your options.Your certificate is valid for the full 5 years.
Chicago requires that you visit their certification department at Kennedy King College, which located at 1900 W Jackson in Chicago.

When does my Illinois or City of Chicago certificate expire?
5 years from the date of when the successful examination was taken.

What do I have to do to renew?
Illinois and Chicago require an 8 hour course with an exam every 5 years. 

Do You have any tools that I can use to begin studying?

English Quick Tips

Spanish Quick Tips

Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic Test Sp

Poliza Para Trabajadores

Employee Health notice

City of Chicago application

Answer Key for Test

Answer Key Spanish

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