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Michael Paladines Owner

Licensed Instructor








Michael Paladines is the president and CEO of Paladin Management. He has been teaching Safefood classes for over 27 years. Fluent in both English and Spanish, his client roster covers over 3 states. His personal attention will help meet your company's food safety needs.

We offer State of Illinois and City of Chicago training to Foodservice Managers and their staff. Below are a few of the services we provide. Please call us about additional services and pricing to meet your companies needs.


We offer an intense 1 day seminar on food safety. The course involves training on micro-organisms and their control, personal hygiene, preparation of foods as well as pest control. At the end of seminar, the participant will take an approved nationally recognized examination. With successful completion and passing of the exam, the students can now proceed to apply for the City of Chicago and/or State Certification.
Seminars start at $185.00 per person which includes book & national certificate.

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BASSET Responsible Alcohol

Service Training

We also offer training on serving alcohol responsibly within your establishment. We utilize the BASSET Alcohol training program which includes videos and a workbook in addition to the lecture. Upon successful completion of the class, the participant will receive a certificate of completion from TAPS online as well as BASSETT certification. We offer programs and testing for servers/bartenders as well as managers. Seminars start at $55 per person which includes the workbook & national certificate.


 Food Handler Training

We also offer seminars for the NEW State of Illinois Food Handler permit requirement. As of July 1st, it is now required that all employees who handle food in an establishment must have a food handler permit within the first 30 days of employment. The seminar includes videos and handouts in addition to the lecture. Seminars are available at your location. Call our office for pricing.

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